Ever since I can remember creating photographs, I can remember printing them out and storing them in a photo album. I would use my parent’s printer to print off hundreds of prints and I would put them all into albums and frames around my room and plaster copies on my wall. I even got into more elaborate scrapbooks with stickers, glitter, jewels, and all. It use to be normal to create prints of the images you would take because it was one of the only ways you could view the images if you had taken them with a disposable camera.

Social Media has become a great resource for sharing our photos digitally with friends and family, but it also keeps up in the habit of only storing our photos on our phone and computer and forgetting to ever print them off. Taking your cherished memories and putting them into a tangible form of any kind whether it be prints, albums, books, or frames helps you view your memories everyday and reminds you of the ones and things you love.

When I first started my business I was only offering digital files because that seemed to be what clients wanted. I then realized they might not know that they want a tangible way to view their images. I have now started offering photo books and albums as a way to get those images that are trapped on your computer or social media and into your hands to view in your day to day life and share with friends in person.

Since I am such a believer in cherishing your photos through print and creating them into a tangible object, I am going to start sharing what I believe in with my clients. Whether it be a guest book of your engagement photos to have signed at your wedding, or an album after the wedding to keep on your coffee table, I want to provide my clients with the same types of products I myself enjoy and invest in.

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