I have always wanted to visit the Olympic National Park ever since I discovered the Hoh Rainforest that lies within the park, specifically the Hall of Mosses. It looked straight out of a fairytale and I knew I had to go see it for myself. My mom and one of my best friends mom are major shopaholics and they love visiting different metropolitan cities to experience the shopping there. Well, my mom brought up how her and Claire were wanting to visit Seattle, Washington. I expressed that I also have always wanted to visit Seattle, but more so the Olympic National Park that lies a few hours outside of Seattle. So we came up with a plan to go on a trip the four of us in April, and our two moms would go shopping in Seattle while Annie and I explored the Olympic Peninsula for a few days.

The drive from Seattle to the campground just outside the Hoh Rainforest was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. The PNW weather was just what you’d expect, drizzling rain and foggy and everything was gloomy and gorgeous as I ever could have imagined. The fog that was rolling across the mountains that were covering the whole drive was out of a dream and I stopped only a million times to take photos. Annie and I explored the Hoh Rainforest and Ruby Beach in the pouring rain early in the morning after car camping alongside Ruby Beach the first night we were there. We then made our way towards Forks and further onto hike the Sol Duc trail. This trail has a big bridge crossing a stream below and also there was a dog on the trail, so naturally Annie and I were fulfilled being avid dog lovers. We then finally headed on to the Heart O’ Hills campground in Port Angeles to spend our last night there. Car camping in the freezing cold weather included lots of layers since it dropped down in the thirties at night. Exploring the Olympic National Park with one my childhood besties included lots of pb& j sandwiches, fruit snacks, Glee music, layers, rain gear, our cameras, and no showers haha! In the morning we drove to Bainbridge Island and took the ferry back to Seattle.

Once we got back to Seattle we went from rags to riches we joked having traded in sleeping in a car with no showering to a penthouse overlooking downtown Seattle and endless shopping with our moms. We visited the Space Needle and ate in the restaurant on top of the needle which slowly rotates while you are dining so you get a 360-degree view of Seattle and an amazing view of Mount Rainier. Needless to say the trip was an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Getting to go on a trip with Annie and our moms like we did when we were younger brought up lots of good times and nostalgia and made for some great new memories.

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