First of all, lets just start this blog post stating that Morgan and I have been best friends since 7th grade. We started attending the same school and have been besties ever since sharing in some of the biggest moments of each other’s lives. Morgan was in my wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with her and Lukas at theirs! Morgan and Lukas are the perfect balance for each other and getting to know Lukas has been so fun. It doesn’t hurt that him and my husband have a ton in common. Photographing these two was definitely one of the easiest shoots I’ve done. Beings we are all friends, I got to capture the two of them just how they naturally are. I was pretty entertained watching these two take instructions with them both being lawyers; they are extremely literal and called me out a lot which made for some good laughs..mostly on my end. I’m so happy for these two and can’t wait for them to start their futures together. I’ve shared so many memories with Morgan throughout our childhood and hope to make many more with┬áthese two in the future!

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