Where do I even begin with Katie and Max…I just love these two! I first got to know Katie when I was living in Moorhead, Minnesota going to school there and we quickly became friends after working together and going on a trip to Vegas together. I got to know Max soon after and just always thought they were the cutest couple. So naturally, I thought they needed to be photographed. I have been wanting to do a shoot at Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota for awhile, and with these two living in St. Paul it worked out perfectly. We spent the time pretty much just hanging out moreso than taking photos. Katie is drop dead gorgeous and just killed it in every pose, she missed her calling as a model 😉 Afterwards we ate at this cute seafood place on the water called Sea Salt. During dinner, we got to talk about our future camping and hiking trip together along with my fiancé to Oregon to explore the Columbia River Gorge which has been on my travel bucket list for awhile. Thanks you two for being my muses and also my friends <3

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