I have known Steve and Kari for quite a few years now and am so honored I get to be the one to take their engagement and wedding photos! I work with Steve and got to know Kari through him. We always give Kari a hard time asking why she puts up with Steve haha! Steve definitely makes work a lot more fun with his jokes and ridiculous personality and Kari is such a good sport for putting up with him haha!

Steve and Kari were at my wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with them at theirs! I’ve gotten to know Kari even better through our work company Christmas parties and I’ve always thought she is wonderful! She always looks so adorable and is so easy to talk to; we could talk for hours. We like to give Steve a hard time at work and constantly ask him how he got Kari and manages to keep her around haha!

Steve hates taking pictures, so naturally I gave him a pretty hard time during the shoot if he wasn’t cooperating  😉 Although he was dreading taking pictures and doesn’t like smiling for the camera, I think we made out with such a great session of these two. I love the way these images turned out and can’t wait for the wedding this September!

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