The first time I met Rafael and Jordyn was at a bridal show when they stopped to help me pick up my stack of business cards that I had just dropped EVERYWHERE. In that moment, I remember thinking these are the kind of people I want to work with. People who don’t just watch something embarrassing happen to you and make faces at each other and walk away, but the kind of people who stop to help and laugh it off. As luck would have it, I met with Rafael and Jordyn just a short time later and was thrilled when they asked me to shoot their engagement and wedding.

When we went to take their engagement pictures, the entire time was filled with running around trying out all different places and they were up for anything, including some impromptu dancing, which allowed me to capture them in their natural states. I of course ended up saying mildly inappropriate things (very common for me) and they laughed at all my terrible jokes. At the end of the session, I was telling them how they killed it and joking that they should model in their spare time because they were so comfortable and killer behind the camera.

Fast forward to their wedding day and nothing had changed. These two were all smiles and relaxation going into the big day and their day couldn’t have been more gorgeous. They got married at Black Leg Ranch outdoors with the sun shining. They waited to see each other for the first time until Jordyn walked down the aisle to Ralph, and his reaction was worth the wait! We took pictures with their dog and cat Nelly and Otis. That’s when I really went head over heels for these two because I am severely obsessed with my own two dogs, so photos with pets is always encouraged.

These two feel like old friendsĀ and capturing their special day wasn’t work at all. It’s weddings like this that make me fall in love with my job even more than I already was. Congrats Jordyn and Ralph, you guys seem to have the happiness thing nailed down, best of luck starting your new lives together as newlyweds!! :

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