My sweet older sister and I are engaged at the same time and I am lucky to get to be the one to take her engagement photos and capture her wedding this fall! It has been so fun being engaged at the same time and planning weddings together. Brandon and Holly make taking photos of them so easy. First of all they are both gorgeous, second of all they are so laid back and easy going, and third they just have fun the entire time and make jokes making it not work at all. Their wedding is this September and is at a vineyard in Napa Valley in California and I couldn’t be more excited to capture their love and celebrate with them! I got to go dress shopping with her and my mom to Minneapolis and wait until you see her stunning gown, she could look good in a paper bag though! Brandon and Holly I wish you a lifetime of laughs, snuggles, and love just like these photos show you guys are already pretty good at all of that :)

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