What a great wedding to end my wedding season on!! Not only are Erin and Andrew such kind and patient people, BUT their bridal party was amazing as well! This wedding couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Everything ran on time and the whole day was filled with smiles and good times. Erin and Andrew’s first look….was so sweet! I could tell in the first moments of seeing each other, just how deeply these two care for each other; which is one of the many reasons I love doing this job.

Their bridal party was a dream, doing hilarious poses, which made taking group photos so much fun. From lifting the groom over their heads to lots of laughs this was definitely one of my most fun groups! All of the people involved throughout the day were extremely kind, great to work with and so easy to capture photos of! I normally throw in a few funny photos where I caught people off guard, but I barely got any blackmail shots because everybody was too photogenic haha!

Erin and Andrew, I am so flattered and humbled I got to capture your day! You two have such a genuine love for each other! I love how sweet and kind you are to each other. I’m so excited for you two going into this next chapter in your lives together! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Mondry!

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