We got the pleasure of going to California in September and road tripped all over the state for over a week. My husband Brady and I have always wanted to visit a lot of different places in Cali and had planned to someday hit them all up. When my sister announced she would be getting married in Napa Valley, we decided to make the most out of the trip and adventure to all the places we had been wanting to go.

We flew into San Francisco and spent a day there visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Warf, and the Painted Ladies. I was most excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge and it seemed much smaller in person; I also didn’t know Baker Beach is a nude beach haha! I loved getting to experience the city of San Francisco, but we didn’t spend much time there as our main interest was getting out of the city to go hiking and camping.

Which led us to our second main point of interest, Yosemite National Park. We stayed in the Crane Flat campground outside of the park. We ventured into Yosemite each day to spend the day hiking and exploring. We hiked to Yosemite Falls and Vernal Falls the first day and saw Mirror Lake the second day. The second day we spent most of the day hiking trails that were remote to get away from the crowds of people.

Yosemite was gorgeous just as I had always imagined, but we hated how commercialized and crowded it was. It was the first national park I have been to that offered a shuttle bus taking you to and from each trail head. The park even had bathrooms on some of the trails and a restaurant, a little (more like a lot) too commercialized for us for sure! We loved our time spent there, but told ourselves if we ever came back, we would make sure to come during the off season or make sure to get a wilderness pass and get as far away from the crowds as possible in the back country :)


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