A big goal of mine when I started my photography business was to be able to offer products created from the imagery I captured for my clients. My desire to sell products didn’t stem from wanting to earn a higher profit, it actually stemmed from a deep love of the tangible. I am a strong believer that we need to print our photographs and most cherished moments. Why? We should see these images everyday around our home to remind us of the ones we love and why we do the things we do!


The modern age has put such an emphasis on digital images. I love digital images as well and believe digital images are great! This is why I include all the digital images from each session and wedding I shoot, BUT you should still print your memories! I don’t care if you print them through me, I just encourage getting the images created into something tangible you can physically hold on to or look at every day. This is why I also include a print release with every session, so clients aren’t obligated to print or order products through me. How often are you going to go look through your photos on your computer or phone or social media? If you have them printed, you can see them all the time!


The cool thing about my album and photo book ordering process is that you get to be a part of it! You get to pick all the images you want in the book by selecting them in your online gallery. After you have selected your favorites, I create custom layouts and then send the layouts back to you for approval. You can tell me what things you’d like tweaked or changed and once you approve the layouts, I order your book! The other cool thing about the layouts I create? I can design the layouts so the photo book can be used as your guest signing book at the wedding if you’d like!


My couples tend to want a photo book made from their engagement session to be used as the guest signing book at their wedding and an album made from their wedding photos, however it is totally up to you. The main difference between the photo books and albums is the materials. The photo books, while still thick, lay-flat, and amazing quality are slightly thinner and smaller than the albums. The albums are more plush and luxurious. Both the photo books and albums come with a variety of fabrics and colors to choose between further tailoring the entire ordering process customized to your taste.


Like I have stated before and will again and again, it is so important to get your images in a tangible form of any kind, whether it be books, frames, or prints. So get out there and get those special moments displayed to be seen every day as a reminder of who you love in this world! :)

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